Whatever sport you're into: Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, strongman/-woman, bodybuilding or functional training, Strengthshop Europe has the right tools for you.
Since its foundation in 2009, Strengthshop has been providing athletes and sportsmen/-women around the globe with training equipment for their needs.
In 2012 we opened our European base in Berlin. Our team is made up of strongmen, weightlifters, powerlifters and martial artists, all who have years of training and competition experience in their individual disciplines. This collective knowledge is used to design and source the best quality equipment we can on the market. We also take great pride in our reliable customer service and fast delivery.
Strengthshop products are always carefully thought out; Our products are checked and tested directly in our warehouse and we request lots of feedback from athletes and trainers, which enables continuous improvement. Our product range not only boasts great quality at affordable prices, but also caters to everyone: From those just starting out to high level athletes and competitors.
10 years on since its foundation, it gives us great joy to see our products being used in countless gyms, home gyms, sports clubs, CrossFit boxes and competitions worldwide. We hope you enjoy using Strengthshop products as much as we do. Now let's go and do some lifting!
Stay strong!
Joni and the Strengthshop Team
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