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Klokov Men's 20 kg Olympic Weight Lifting Barbell

Klokov Men's 20 kg Olympic Weight Lifting Barbell

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Ideal for Olympic lifts at any skill level.

Experience what it’s like to work with the quality of equipment found on Olympic
Games-level platforms.

Engineered to meet the strength, durability, and performance demands of world
class olympic weightlifting athletes, this barbell is made with the strongest
materials, a powerful grip surface, and collars that deliver a precision spin.

Precision: Meets all IWF weight and dimension specifications to feel and
perform to the standards expected on a competition platform.

Strength: Made with the strongest steel on the market at 235,000 PSI, this
barbell is a top performer in strength and durability.

Performance: A ten needle bearing and bushing design provides a precision
spin that is fast, smooth, and effortless.

Power: The knurling of this barbell serves as the perfect contact surface to
transfer the power of an athlete's grip to their barbell.

Qualified for Competition
● Meets all IWF dimension and knurl mark spacing requirements for
elite level competition
● Guaranteed weight tolerance of +20 g/-10g
● Blue color coded end cap badge
● Matching resilience band for collar protection and safe storage

Uncompromised Metal Work
● Hard chrome finish with a satin luster
● Custom Klokov approved passive center knurling paired with a
more aggressive diamond pattern for hand placement

Reinforced Collar Design
● 10 needle bearings encased in a stainless steel jacket
● Stainless steel press-fit bushing with a custom embedded
retention ring
● Reinforced security with custom milled hemisphere horseshoe
collars, a spring retention ring, 2 snap rings, and permanent
thread-lock adhesive bonding the end cap into place

Guaranteed Quality
● Industry-leading 112 pass/fail quality assurance protocols including:
dimensional & weight tolerances, material strength, straightness, finish,
knurling, collar spin and construction for guaranteed to durability and

○ Ultimate Tensile Strength: 235,000 PSI
○ Center Knurling: Yes
○ IWF specified knurl spacing: Yes
○ Knurling: Passive diamond pattern in the center, slightly aggressive
towards the collars
○ Shaft Diameter: 28mm
○ Total Length: 2200mm
○ Static Load Limit: 680 kg
○ Finish: Hard Bright Chrome
○ Collar Band: Blue
○ Endcap Badge: Blue

To protect the integrity and feel of your knurling, apply a thin coat of 3-in-One
Lock Dry Lube to the knurling, lightly scrub away packed down debris, and
remove any remaining oil with a lint free cloth once a week.

For an even deeper clean, apply a thin layer of Max Pro Contact Cleaner and
lightly scrub with a brass brush.

*Do not use chemicals containing ammonia, bleach or acid to clean any
components of your barbell.

To maintain a precision spin on your barbell, lightly spray Fabulous Blaster –
White Lithium Grease into the collar once every two months.

*Do not use WD-40.

Your barbell will last a lifetime if it is stored in a dry environment off of the floor.



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