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Klokov Weightlifting 20kg Sport Barbell

Klokov Weightlifting 20kg Sport Barbell
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If you don’t specialize, neither should your barbell.

Engineered to meet the varying demands of the most versatile athletes, this hybrid barbell is ready for whatever the training day calls for, whether the Olympic lifts, deadlifts, or metcon.

With both IWF and IPF marks, no center knurl, and a slightly less aggressive knurling than our Olympic line of barbells, this bar is perfect for the lifter who doesn’t want to sacrifice to get the best of all worlds.

Product Highlights

Versatility: Whether it’s a heavy deadlift, a short and fast burner, or your final attempt on the competition platform, this hybrid barbell design accommodates the demands of any athlete.

Strength: ​Made with steel rated at a minimum of 215,000 PSI, this barbell has the perfect mix of whip and strength needed to transition between power and Olympic lifts.

Power: A passive diamond pattern knurling and no center knurl serves as the perfect contact surface during high volume repetitions.

Performance: A ten needle bearing and bushing design provides a precision spin that is fast, smooth, and effortless.

Qualified for Competition
● Combines IPF knurl mark spacing with IWF dimension and knurl mark spacing to accommodate the needs of any competition or training platform
● Guaranteed weight tolerance of +100 g/-50g
● Black color coded end cap badge
● Matching resilience band for collar protection and safe storage

Uncompromised Metal Work
● Hard chrome finish with a satin luster
● Less aggressive diamond pattern knurling applied with state of the art machining
● Provides a powerful grip without the risk of tearing during high volume workouts

Reinforced Collar Design
● 10 needle bearings encased in a stainless steel jacket
● Stainless steel bushing press-fit with a custom embedded retention ring
● Reinforced security with custom milled hemisphere horseshoe collars, a spring retention ring, 2 snap rings, and permanent thread-lock adhesive bonding the end cap into place

Guaranteed Quality
● Industry-leading 112 pass/fail quality assurance protocols including: dimensional & weight tolerances, material strength, straightness, finish, knurling, collar spin and construction for guaranteed to durability and strength

○ Ultimate Tensile Strength: Minimum of 215,000 PSI
○ Center Knurling: No
○ IWF specified knurl spacing: Yes
○ IPF specified knurl spacing: Yes
○ Knurling: Mildly aggressive diamond pattern
○ Shaft Diameter: 28mm
○ Total Length: 2200mm
○ Static Load Limit: 650 kg
○ Maximum Bumper Capacity: 5x30kgs + 1x10kg per side
○ Finish: Hard Bright Chrome
○ Collar Band: Black
○ Endcap Badge: Black

To protect the integrity and feel of your knurling, apply a thin coat of 3-in-One Lock Dry Lube to the knurling, lightly scrub away packed down debris, and remove any remaining oil with a lint free cloth once a week.

For an even deeper clean, apply a thin layer of Max Pro Contact Cleaner and lightly scrub with a brass brush.

*Do not use chemicals containing ammonia, bleach or acid to clean any components of your barbell.

To maintain a precision spin on your barbell, lightly spray Fabulous Blaster – White Lithium Grease into the collar once every two months.

*Do not use WD-40.

Your barbell will last a lifetime if it is stored in a dry environment off of the floor.

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Fantastic Product!
Excellent value for money! If you use power bars, it feels 5 kilos lighter than usual ones! It really floats! Always check the special offers, for fantastic deals! After sale service is impeccable! Review by Giorgos / (Posted on 11/6/2018)