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Bastard Squat Bar

Bastard Squat Bar
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Our Bastard Squat Bar is the product of extensive testing, development and cooperation between elite powerlifters and our own expert product development team. We believe that the result is the ideal squat bar that will handle those big squats with ease.


Deep coarse knurling throughout the bar with extra wide center knurling to ensure a solid grip on your back during the squat.

A 32mm diameter sprung steel shaft, which makes this bar thicker than a normal power bar. The thicker shaft is better suited for squats and dramatically increases the strength of the bar. Due to this added shaft diameter, the bar weighs in at 25 kg.

Extra long sleeves with a loadable length of 46 cm, allowing you to fit more weight on the bar compared to standard olympic barbells.

A chemical plated finish on the bar, which looks as good as it performs.

All these small features add up to make this a fantastic bar that is an absolute pleasure to squat with!

Check out Tom Stoltman squatting 300kg for reps on the chrome version of the bar and zinc competition style plates!

Watch Brandon Campbell Diamond's Bastard Squat Bar Review

Bar Specs:

Weight: 25 kg

Length: 2.47 m

Shaft: Sprung Steel

Shaft Diameter: 32 mm

Center Knurling: Yes

Knurling Type: Coarse and Wide

Sleeve Type: Brass Bushings

Recommended Max Load Rating: 1500 lbs static rating, 205K PSI tensile strength. Max suggested load - 450 kg squat

Warranty: 3 year performance warranty.


Bastard Squat Bar

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