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Solid Steel Football Bar

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Solid Steel Football Bar
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Strength Shop Solid Steel Football Bar

The Football Bar, originally designed to be used by American Football players with/recovering from shoulder injuries, to allow them to continue to bench and press.

Unlike our standard Football Bar, the Solid Football Bar is made of solid steel - it weighs more and can handle a lot more weight!

The angled handles alter how the shoulder joint sits during the press movement (elbows tucked in on the bench press), and results in a more comfortable grip position which creates less pressure on the shoulder joints. Their 50mm diameter eases strain on the wrists as well.

Approx Weight - 27kg


Overall length: 210cm
Width: 19cm
Depth: 5cm
Loadable sleeve length: 40cm
Handles: 50mm diameter
Length of handle box sections: 47cm
Gap between handle box sections - 10cm
Distance between inner handles: 35 cm
Distance between middle handles: 56 cm
Distance between outer handles: 78 cm


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