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Bastard Power Bar With Black Chrome Shaft & Bronze Bushings

€339.99 €285.71
In stock

The Strengthshop Bastard Power Bar is without a doubt one of the best powerlifting barbells currently available on the market. Our latest model is now made from super sturdy 42rCr high quality steel and fitted with bronze bushings to make this barbell a premium addition to our range. If you're a dedicated lifter and looking for a resilient and excellent quality piece of equipment, then this is a great choice for you.

The barbell comes with an impressive black chrome shaft and features extreme knurling, which provides even more grip than the traditional Texas power bars. The knurling will provide lifters with the best hold possible both in your hands and on your shoulders for deadlifts and squats. Finely grooved barbell sleeves will ensure that your weight plates stay in place. Furthermore, the updated chrome coating not only provides a sleek finish, but also gives the bar even more wear resistance than a traditional zinc coating.

Since the bar is relatively stiff, we would recommend using primarily for static lifts.

-29mm chrome plated, Sprung Steel Shaft
-131.5cm Length of shaft between sleeves
-15cm centre knurling
-40.5cm loadable length of sleeve
-2" diameter sleeve, suitable for Olympic Plates

Ideal for Powerlifting - Squats, Bench and Deadlift, and general gym use.

Weight: 20kg
Length: 2.2m
Shaft: Sprung Steel
Shaft Diameter: 29mm
Distance Between Rings: 810mm
Centre Knurling? Yes
Knurling Type: Coarse
Sleeve Type: Bronze Bushings
Recommended Max Load/Rating: 5,290lbs / 2,399KGs static rating, 205K PSI Tensile strength. Max suggested load - 340kg Deadlift, 300kg Squat

This bar comes with Strength Shop 3-Year performance warranty.

Bar testing with 400kg load

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