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Olympic Cambered Spider Bar

€259.99 €218.48
In stock
Please see our barbell terms and conditions.
The Strength Shop Cambered Spider Bar combines our Safety Squat Bar and Cambered Bar into one, with extra long handles.

It is a great way to add variation to your Squat training, and works great with box squats. The handles take the strain off your shoulders making this a great option if you have a shoulder injury.

The Spider Bar will primarily build your lower body, but it is worth noticing you must engage your upper back much more using this bar compared to regular Safety Bar Squats (and ordinary barbell squats).

Black powder coat finish.

The handles are attached to the bar by hammering securing pins in place which is much more stable than a screw in handle.


Bar Weight - 32kg
Max Load Rating - 400kg
Total length - 201cm
Length of rackable section - 140cm
Tube diameter - 50mm
Handle diameter - 25mm
Handle length - 76cm

*Please see photos on a guide on how to assemble the bar:

- Once you open the box you will see the main frame of the bar, 2 x handles, 3 x pads, 2 x securing pins
- The handles are labelled A & B which should match up to the frame as per photo
- The securing pin has a tapered edge, this is the edge that should be hammered in first
- Place the shoulder pads on the handles first
- Hammer the securing in through the hole on the main frame into the handle to secure them in place (please note this may take some force)
- Once this is done, slide the pad up and it is ready to use

Under no circumstances should this bar be dropped. It should be used on the back at all times, and is not designed to withstand repeated impact on the ground.

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