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Climbing Rope - 4.5M

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Climbing Rope - 4.5M
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Climbing rope with hook for attaching it to a ceiling or a rig.

Material: fine cotton

Length: 4.5 m

Thickness: 35 mm



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High quality versatile "battle rope"
It is incredible to train with, not just for climbing but for any kind of hanging, pulling exercise. It allows a natural grip that also trains your forearms when doing pull-ups (biceps or lats), hanging push-ups with reverse grip, assisted squats or one-handed rope pulling with weights, one end attached to the Lat attachment cable. Excellent for finishing a back training.
I also use it for helping myself up (cheating) at the end of a heavy squat, femural rises or abs exercises. Its length is perfect for warping around & over a Riot Cage, so the two ends hang down securely to the sides to be grabbed, without touching the ground.
They also provide decent weight around your torso during dips/pull-ups, without chafing you like chains would.
The material is strong yet relatively soft, comfortable to grab without being too "squishy" Review by Steven K / (Posted on 7/29/2018)