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Edge Bumper Plates

In stock
Grouped product items
Product Name Qty
Edge Bumper Plate - 5KG
€32.00 €26.89
Edge Bumper Plate - 10KG
€48.00 €40.34
Edge Bumper Plate - 15KG
€64.00 €53.78
Edge Bumper Plate - 20KG
€84.00 €70.59
Edge Bumper Plate - 25KG
€104.00 €87.39

Designed to follow the same quality specifications found in our Competition Bumpers, the Edge Bumper Plates offer all-out versatility at a reasonable price. 

Using an IWF standard 450mm diameter, the Edge Bumpers have a narrower, yet extremely compact profile: 88-90 on the Shore A Durometer scale. This means you can load up the bar with more weight and expect a dead bounce every time. And since accuracy is also key, they’ve been calibrated to be within 1% of the stated weight. 

Stainless steel inserts provide long-term durability for repetitive lifts and a 50.5mm collar opening ensures a snug fit on all olympic style barbells. Finished in black, with white accents to easily identify the weight increments, the Edge Bumper Plates perfectly combine a classic look with high-performance.


  • Diameter: 450mm (IWF Standard)
  • Collar opening: 50.5mm (suitable for all olympic style barbells)
  • Shore A Hardness: 88-90
  • Weight tolerance: +/-1% 
  • Material: High density rubber
  • Colour: Black with white accents
  • Laser printed Strength Shop logo
  • Plate Thickness:
     5kg - 25mm
    10kg - 39mm
    15kg - 46mm
    20kg - 70mm
    25kg - 85mm

* Plates are sold as singles

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