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  1. Sissy Squat Bench

    Price incl. VAT, excl. shipping A largely 'forgotten' exercise which is great for developing quads and glutes. Size: 1080 mm x 445 mm x 465 mm Weight: 21 kg Learn More
  2. Chest Supported Lat Row Bench

    Price incl. VAT, excl. shipping Chest Supported Lat Row Bench This lat row bench is used by strength trainers and normal gym users alike. On top of a great back workout, it is designed to work the antagonistic muscles needed in bench press, and to remove the use of lower back in the row movement. Width: 94 cm Height: 115.5 cm Length: 220.8 cm Loading pin lengtha. 24 cm Weight: over 60 kg Rated to 200 kg Learn More
  3. Deluxe Competition Style Bench

    Out of stock

    Price incl. VAT, excl. shipping Deluxe competition style bench with band pegs, and adjustable safety catchers. Approximate dimensions: Overall: Width: 1225 mm Height: adjustable from 900 mm - 1250 mm Length: 1600 mm Bench/Pad: Width: 300 mm Height: 425 mm Length: 1200 mm Weight: 75 kg Rated to 500 kg Learn More
  4. Strengthshop Garage Cage - 1.85 m high

    Price incl. VAT, excl. shipping Strength Shop Garage Cage, the shorter brother of the Power cage for use in a limited space! This cage is only 1.85 m tall making it perfect to be used in a room with a low ceiling. Our cage comes with band hooks at both the top and the bottom of the cage, as well as dipping handles, and a pull up/chin up attachment across the top of the cage. Bar holders at both the front and back of the cage, giving ease of use whatever you are doing. Small increments means a very versatile range of height options for both the safety bars and the bar holders. Pullup bar is removable so there are no height constraints for users. Rated to 400 kg. Approx dimensions; Heights; Floor to top side of pullup bar - 185 cm Floor to underside of pullup bar - 183 cm Floor to top of back crossbar - 180.5 cm Floor to underside of back cross bar - 174.5 cm Width - 120 cm Depth - 150 cm (104 cm upright to upright) Dip handles - 66 cm apart, 30 cm length each, 30 mm diameter Pullup bar - 30 mm diameter Safety catchers - 25 mm diameter Band pegs - 25 cm long NOTE: One picture shows Webbing Safety Catchers which are available as an optional drop down below. Learn More
  5. Monolift Attachment for Riot Power Cage, Rigs & Wall Mounted Foldable Rack

    Price incl. VAT, excl. shipping Monolift Attachment for use with our Riot Power Cage, Riot Rigs & Riot Wall Mounted Foldable Rack (75mm Box Section) A cost effective solution for Monolift training without buying a full Monolift machine! Simply unrack the bar and the counterweight removes the J-Hooks from the bar path. Concentrate solely on your squat and not the walk-out! Excellent for preparing for Powerlifting meets that use a monolift. Approx dimensions; 67cm wide 46cm height 8cm wide Load rating 450kg 12.5kg each Price is for a pair. Please note - it is advisable to bolt the cage to the floor if using the monolift attachment with it. Learn More
  6. Power Sled with Handle (for Dragging / Pushing / Pulling)

    Regular Price: €114.99

    Special Price €79.99

    Price incl. VAT, excl. shipping Power Sled with Handle (for Dragging/Pushing/Pulling) An excellent addition to anyones training kit, this is the perfect sled for working on fitness and anaerobic capacity. Perfect for getting the lungs going! Features a handle for pushing. Option to add a sling and shackle for dragging/pulling. Sled takes olympic plates, and can be loaded up to approximately 300kg. The sled itself weighs around 18kg, and has a 48mm diameter pin. Length of loading pin : 435mm Height to the centre of the handle : 425mm Width of handle : 50mm Length of sled : 780mm Width of sled : 335mm Please note: while the loading pins are 50mm the coat of paint adds a fraction of mm on the thickness and this is good for normal plates such as bumper plates, cast iron plates, steel plates, but can be tight for "competition style" plates which have a fraction of mm smaller hole. ***Photo for illustration purposes only, sling & shackle are optional extra that can be selected from the pull-down menu below. Learn More

    Price incl. VAT, excl. shipping Chalk Bowl Attachment for Riot Power Cage / Riot Wall Mounted Foldable Rack / Riot Rigs. Perfect for keeping your chalk tidy and close to the training area. Fits onto any hole on our Strengthshop Riot Cage that the J-Hooks can attach to. Price 69.99 Weight 5kg Learn More
  8. Squat Stands - Black

    Price incl. VAT, excl. shipping Adjustable squat stands. Rated to 250kg, and adjustable both in width and in height, they offer great value for money and are built to last. Also with dip handles on the uprights. Approximate Dimensions: Height from floor to Bar Holder surface - Adjustable from 97cm - 105cm Total Height from floor to top of Bar Holder - 108cm - 165cm Total width - 130cm Width between uprights - Adjustable from 28cm - 123cm (same width for Bar Holders/Dip Handles) Depth - 60cm Dip Handles - 16cm long, 30mm diameter Learn More

    Price incl. VAT, excl. shipping 20" x 24" x 30" Soft Plyo Box. Created with firm foam sheets, covered with with new reinforced and very tough PU leather cover See below for full warranty and usage guidelines. Learn More
  10. Glute Ham Developer 2.0

    Price incl. VAT, excl. shipping Glute ham developer, great for developing strong glutes, low back, ham strings & abs. Adjustable both horizontally and vertically. The Glute-Ham Raise (GH Raise, GHR) is great because it is one of the best movements for the posterior chain - lower back, glutes, hamstrings and calves. Functionally, it is one of the best hamstring exercises because it trains your hamstring at both joints (knee and hip). This is how your body was designed to work. When you run, jump or squat, your hamstrings are challenged at both joints. Dimensions: Overall footprint (L) 170cm x (W) 76cm x (H) 120cm Shortest distance available between knee pads and footplate - 36.5cm Largest distance available between knee pads and footplate - 81cm Shortest distance from floor to centre of foot pads - 84cm Largest distance from floor to centre of foot pads - 103cm Footplate - 37cm x 45cm Knee pads - (L) 44cm x (W) 26cm x (H) 27cm Each footpad measures 20cm x 10cm x 10cm Learn More
  11. Lat Pulldown attachment for Power Cage

    Out of stock

    Price incl. VAT, excl. shipping Lat Pulldown attachment for Strength Shop Thor Power Cage (CAGE NOT INCLUDED) NOTE: This does not fit the Strength Shop Riot Cage Dimensions: Height - 210 cm Width - 117.5 cm Length from back of cage - 83 cm Sleeves - 20 cm Plate Loadable (each sleeve) Learn More
  12. Build your own home gym

    Price incl. VAT, excl. shipping Build Your Own Home Gym Package gives you access to the majority of home gym products in one discounted price package! Save on shipping and total costs! Simply choose what you require from the menus below, and get exactly what you need for your home/garage gym! Learn More
  13. Prowler replacement foot

    Price incl. VAT, excl. shipping Replacement foot for our prowler model. Ideally we would only push prowlers on astro turf, but in reality we end up using them on all kinds of rough surfaces and the prowler feet can take a beating. Rather than having to invest in to a totally new prowler, here are replacement feet for your beloved torture machine! Learn More

    Out of stock

    Price incl. VAT, excl. shipping Introducing a classic old school piece of weightlifting training equipment for Seal rows/Chinese rows. These days found only at older weightlifting clubs in Europe, the Seal row bench is a fantastic addition to assistance training. Mainly favoured by Olympic weightlifters, but also by powerlifters as an antagonistic bench movement, and other strength athletes. No longer do you need to simulate this bench with an unstable construction of a flat bench placed on stacked pile of bumper plates or plyo boxes! The movement hits the strength, stability and thickness of the lats without putting pressure on the lower back. Dimensions: Length - 100cm Width - 110cm Height - 88cm Pad - 100cm x 30cm x 6.5cm Height from floor to 1st Bar Holder - 28cm Height from floor to 2nd Bar Holder - 38cm Height from floor to 3rd Bar Holder - 48cm Distance between outside pegs - 107cm Distance between inside pegs - 18cm Weight approx 30kg Bar pegs rated to 150kg. Overall rating of bench rated to 300kg. Learn More
  15. Riot Wall Mounted Foldable Rack

    Price incl. VAT, excl. shipping Wall Mounted Squat Stands Designed for maximum space efficiency, this rack can be folded against the wall to take up minimal space. It is made with 75 x 75 x 3mm steel box section like our Riot Power Cage to handle big weights. To fold, simply remove 6 pins, the pullup bar, and fold it towards the wall. Great for Home or Commercial use. These squat stands fix to the wall and can be folded in against the wall after use so take up very little space when not in use. Comes with pair of J-Hooks Width - 123cm Height - 232cm Depth - 61cm 75mm Box Sections 107cm Pull Up Bar Load rating on j-hooks 400kg Load rating on pull-up bar 200kg Weight ca. 71 kg Includes anchor bolts for fixing to wall *Please note bar and plates not included* Learn More
  16. Strengthshop Starter Power Cage

    Price incl. VAT, excl. shipping Strength Shop Starter Cage, complete with J-Hooks, Safety Pins, 32mm diameter straight pullup bar. Matt black finish, 50 x 50 x 2mm box section. Great for squatting and bench pressing alone with the safety bars. Approx dimensions; Height - 210cm Width 142cm total (120cm upright to upright) Depth 126cm total (86cm upright to upright) 25mm diameter safety catchers 32mm diameter pullup bar 25mm diameter plate sleeves Load rating: 200kg Learn More
  17. T-Platform Handles - Set of 3

    Regular Price: €128.97

    Special Price €119.99

    Price incl. VAT, excl. shipping Handles, largely used in conjunction with our T-Platform. Also available in a set of two or as a single product. Learn More
  18. Flat Bench

    Price incl. VAT, excl. shipping Flat bench, solid piece of equipment, and rated to 500 kg. Approx spec: Total length: 130 cm Total width: 63,5 cm Height: 43 cm Width of pad: 30,5 cm Length of pad: 123 cm Thickness of pad: 5 cm Weight: 15 kg Learn More
  19. Deluxe Utility Bench

    Out of stock

    Price incl. VAT, excl. shipping Deluxe Utility, Multi-Purpose Bench. Top quality bench, with adjustable back rest. Comes with a handle and wheels for ease of movement, and foot plates, making it much easier to give centre hand offs. Rated to 350kg Approx Specs; Product size:1390x580x450mm Main tube size: 50x70x2.0mm Pad width: 250mm Height from floor to pad 45cm. Weight: 32kg Colour may vary. Learn More
  20. Riot Utility Bench

    Out of stock

    Price incl. VAT, excl. shipping Riot Utility Bench is a strongly built utility bench for flat, incline and decline bench work. Wide range of settings to get the right angles for your lifting. Ideal for home and commercial use alike. Features: - Decline, incline and flat bench - 7 height settings for the back pad - 6 height settings for the front pad - Foothold for sit ups etc. - Wheels and handle for easy movability Approx Specifications: Height: 50 cm Length of the bench: 137 cm Width of the pad: 30 cm Weight: 40 kg Rated to 400kg Footprint with supports and the foothold/handle included: 155 cm x 60 cm Learn More

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