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Garage Strength Bar - E-Coat Shaft with Chrome Sleeves

€149.99 €126.04
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Our Garage Strength Barbell is an ideal solution for smaller training areas where optimising space is key. At 183.5cm in length, this barbell will allow you to continue your weight training without any compromise.

The Garage Strength Barbell weighs in at 15kg but remains long enough to fit into most standard rigs, power cages and squat racks, remaining versatile for all aspects of your lifting.

This barbell uses a black E-coating, (harder wearing than black oxide, chrome and zinc) which is corrosion resistant, environmentally friendly and economical. E-Coating is the process of electrically applying a paint finish to metals. The end result is a hard-wearing, durable and safe finish which effectively resists oxidation and corrosion from water, sunlight and household chemicals.


  • Weight - 15kg
  • Length - 1.835m
  • Shaft - Steel
  • Shaft Length between sleeves - 127.5cm
  • Shaft Diameter - 28mm
  • Distance Between Rings - 800mm
  • Loadable Sleeve Length - 250mm
  • Centre Knurling? - Yes
  • Knurling Type - Coarse
  • Sleeve Type - Steel Bushings and Needle Bearings
  • Recommended Max Load/Rating - 200kg Max suggested load. Not suitable for Olympic Weightlifting.
  • 700lbs steel tensile rating PSI: 186K
  • Warranty - Standard 6 Month


Please note that since January 2021 our Garage Strength Barbell has been updated with a slightly longer shaft length.

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