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Grip Ball Bar For Pullups, Tricep, Cable Training

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Dog Bone pullup/cable machine bar
This humble looking bit of gear is a real gripwork powerhouse that will shock and challenge your grip training in a variety of ways.

Well suited to unstable and challenging pullup work:

Single-point suspension forces your stabilizers to work overtime and demands steady, even and balanced force production. Muscular imbalances have nowhere to hide when you do your pullups on our Dog Bone bar.

Varied grip for progressive difficulty:

The standard diameter 28mm bar provides a great introductory grip for unstable pullup work.

Once you´ve mastered this pullup variation, it´s time to progress to the 67 mm grip balls. The placement of the grip balls at the ends of the bars allows for a variety of grips - overhand, underhand or neutral.

A wealth of unconventional training applications:

Use the included webbing strap to attach the Dog Bone to a pullup bar or monkey bar for pullup work.

Strap a kettlebell or plate loading pin on to the Dog Bone, and substitute for duck walks or farmers walk handles,

Or attach the Dog Bone to a cable machine or resistance band and use it for brand-new variations of:

● Lat pulldowns
● Triceps pulldowns and extensions
● Bicep Curls
● Rows

Suitable for any strength athlete:

The Dog Bone provides excellent accessory work oppportunities for weightlifters, powerlifters and strongmen/women.

It´s also a fun way for bodybuilders to spice up their training, as it provides a new take on more traditional pullup/down, extension, curl and row work.

And of course, what could be more functional than unstable work coupled with unconventional grip training!


● Bar diameter: 28 mm
● Grip ball diameter: 67 mm
● Overall length: 38 cm
● Includes: dog bone, carabiner and webbing strap
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