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Loadable Thick Dumbbell Handle

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Loadable Thick Dumbbell Handle
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Like the thick handle dumbbells in classic strongman competitions, this handle has non rotating sleeves too.

50 mm thick handled plate loadable dumbbell. Great for pressing, and all kind of dumbbell work to improve grip and add a bit of variety into your training.

Weight: 4 - 5 kg
Length: 650 mm
Length handles and sleeves each: ca. 225 mm

With knurled handles.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend getting strong collars for keeping the plates tight and safe. You can select the recommended collars from the drop down menu below at a discounted price. TPR collars are the strongest but screw clamp collars and aluminium flip lock collars also provide the security needed for safe use.

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Loadable Thick Dumbbell Handle

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Surprisingly Good!
Well, I train on a regular gym with old machines, poor dumbbells and zero strongman equipment, so I needed to add some weight and fun to my dreary train. And that's how I meet my new favourite material to train! The Loadable Thick Dumbbell is such a perfect accessory for everyone who wants to improve on the basic movements and for strongman competitions too. It's a big and a large dumbbell with full of space to add and add and add more weight again. It's very stable and, even if you aren't a big person, don't worry, it fits perfectly with everybody (I tired with a few different people).
So do I recommend this product? Hell yeah! The price, the material which is made of, the possibilities that have to your workouts...

PD: Strength Shop EU has an extremely good customer service that guarantees your orders will be arrive and your doubts to be solved.

10/10!!! Review by Andrés V.T / (Posted on 10/18/2019)
Awesome training tool
I find them an awesome alternative to monster dumbbell, because you can train the strongman movement without spending too much. Of course you can dumbbell presses, rows and any kind of grip strength work. Review by Nicolò / (Posted on 11/17/2016)