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Hybrid Atlas Stone Moulds - 16inch

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Hybrid Atlas Stone Molds by Rob Orlando are high quality molds for making your own atlas stones
Hybrid Atlas Stone Molds by Rob Orlando are high quality molds for making your own atlas stones. Atlas stones, the classic strongman/woman event, are used for both strongman and functional training and competitions.

The weights given are estimates only and depend on the type of concrete used. Some users make the stones heavier by inserting metal objects such as plates inside as well.

The sizing ranges from 10 inch (25.4cm) until 19 inch(48.26cm)

Material: fibre glass

Size and estimeted Weight:
10 inch ( 25.4cm; 42lbs = 19,05 Kg)
12 inch (30.48cm; 73lbs = 33,10 Kg)
13 inch (33.02cm; 93lbs = 42,20 Kg)
14 inch (35.58cm; 115lbs = 52,20 Kg)
15 inch (38.1cm; 142lbs = 64,50 Kg)
16 inch (40.64cm; 173lbs = 78,50 Kg)
17 inch (43.18cm; 207lbs = 93,90 Kg)
18 inch (45.72cm; 246lbs = 111,60 Kg)
19 inch (48.26cm; 300lbs = 136,00 Kg)

Please see the video for instructions on how to use the molds:
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