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Steel Clubbells - 2-15KG

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Steel Clubbells - 2-15KG
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Strengthshop's Steel Clubbells are the modern day take on an ancient Persian tradition. Once used by warriors and wrestlers for training grip, core and shoulder strength, they serve as excellent tools for enhancing your strength and fitness.

We designed the Clubbells to have a solid steel construction, which is heavier and denser than iron and also highly rust resistant. An additional powder coating reinforces their durability.

Why include steel clubs in your training?

Using clubs in the lighter weight range (2-4KG) is perfect for working smaller muscle groups and helping your joints and tendons to strengthen. And they also make great training companions when preparing for gruelling workouts.

Providing balance to your training:
Steel Clubbells will complement traditional barbell training and other sports, particularly those in which imbalances can develop through repetitive, one-sided movements.

Develop your grip:
You will challenge your forearms and grip strength much more than you might expect due to the weight distribution of the clubs.

Core strength:
The rotational movements and effort used to balance the Clubbells is a key element in developing core strength. Whether you use just one club or two, you will be stimulating your muscles through varied movement patterns.

What weight/size?
Much like kettlebell training, it's good to start with a lower weight than expected, and work your way up as your strength and functional range of motion increases.

- Solid steel with black powder coating
- Ranging from 2-15KG in weight
- Tools for rehab, prehab and general conditioning
- Strengthen your joints, shoulders, core, grip and smaller muscle groups

Weight(KG)Length(CM)Handle Diameter(MM)Club Diameter(MM)
Steel Clubbells - 2-15KG

Steel Clubbell - 2KG

Steel Clubbells - 2-15KG

Steel Clubbell - 4KG

Steel Clubbells - 2-15KG

Steel Clubbell - 6KG

Steel Clubbells - 2-15KG

Steel Clubbell - 8KG

Steel Clubbells - 2-15KG

Steel Clubbell - 10KG

Steel Clubbells - 2-15KG

Steel Clubbell - 12KG

Steel Clubbells - 2-15KG

Steel Clubbell - 15KG



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