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Chainless Nylon Heavy Duty Dipping Belt With Two Rings

€39.99 €33.61
In stock
Strengthshop chainless nylon/synthetic dipping belt with Two Rings
Built for champions, perfect for everyone.

Nylon dipping belt from Strengthshop - an essential bit of kit for your gym bag.

With webbing loop instead of chain this belt is lighter and easier to transport in your gym bag. This is a heavy duty dipping belt able to handle the heaviest of weights!

With 8 mm D ring, heavy duty caliber and strong webbing material this belt has been built for the strongest of lifters.

You can load, kettlebells, dumbbells and plates onto this belt and it will not cause any damage as there is no metal chain. It makes it more comfortable to use too.

The unique and revolutionary loop attachment system with two rings makes it possible to create a solid center of gravity while having a tight fit. With normal dipping belts you are forced to push your glutes out creating a bend in the lower back. With this design the belt will be tightened with the weight and you can maintain a neutral spine position throughout the lift without a risk of the belt dropping off.

These high quality belts are tough and built to last, featuring a wide, firm back panel for added comfort and strong black nylon.

Weighted dips are an absolutely brilliant upper body exercise, forcing mass and strength gains across the whole chest-shoulder-arm region.

By uniquely targeting otherwise neglected muscle groups, this compound exercise simulataneously increases both maximum strength and range of motion. This makes weighted dips not only a valuable excercise in their own right, but excellent accessory training for both weightlifting and powerlifting exercises from snatches to bench press.

Material: Black nylon
Width of the webbing strap: 5cm
Thickness of the D rings: 8mm
Length of the loading strap: 102cm
Recommended max load: 140kg
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