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Olympic Tricep Bar, Black Zinc Plated

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Olympic Tricep Bar, Black Zinc Plated
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Black Zinc Plated Olympic Tricep Bar with 50 mm sleeves.

Weight: 9 kg

Total length: 86 cm

Length of sleeve: 18.5 cm

Total width: 19 cm

Distance between handles: 18 cm

Diameter of handles: 25 mm



Please see our barbell terms and conditions.

The Tricep bar is the bar of choice for many Bodybuilders/Powerlifters looking to hit their Triceps with some Isolation exercises whilst minimising the strain on their wrists and elbows.

The neutral grip of the Tricep bar allows you to perform Tricep Extensions (French Curls), Skull Crushers etc with little stress on your elbows and wrists compared to using a straight Barbell.

The Tricep bar can also be used for a variety of other exercises such as Preacher Curls to help strengthen the Biceps. All in all it's a very versatile bar when it comes to training the arms.

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Nice bar at a great price.
Pleasantly surprised by the quality of the bar, especially at this low price. Real nice knurling on the handles and it works really great for working triceps, a cost effective alternative to using dumbbells for overhead extensions. The sleeves are standard sized so no problem using normal collars. Review by Albin / (Posted on 3/1/2019)