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Olympic Tricep Bar - E-Coat

€64.99 €54.61
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Please see our barbell terms and conditions.

The Tricep bar is the bar of choice for many Bodybuilders/Powerlifters looking to hit their Triceps with some Isolation exercises whilst minimising the strain on their wrists and elbows.

The neutral grip of the Tricep bar allows you to perform Tricep Extensions (French Curls), Skull Crushers etc with little stress on your elbows and wrists compared to using a straight Barbell.

The Tricep bar can also be used for a variety of other exercises such as Preacher Curls to help strengthen the Biceps. All in all it's a very versatile bar when it comes to training the arms.

E-Coated Olympic Tricep Bar with 50 mm sleeves.

This barbell uses a black E-coating, (harder wearing than black oxide, chrome and zinc) which is corrosion resistant, environmentally friendly and economical. E-Coating is the process of electrically applying a paint finish to metals. The end result is a hard-wearing, durable and safe finish which effectively resists oxidation and corrosion from water, sunlight and household chemicals.

Weight: 9 kg

Total length: 86 cm

Length of sleeve: 18.5 cm

Total width: 19 cm

Distance between handles: 18 cm

Diameter of handles: 25 mm

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