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Single Prong Buckle Belt, 13MM - IPF Approved

Product Review (submitted on 9 September 2019):

I've worn Inzer, Metal, Titan and even a bunch of no-name belts. All have their merits and uses, but the Strengthshop Belt has one perk that made it quite interesting for me; it's made out of artificial leather, thus it's quite an interesting option for vegans (I am not a vegan, fyi).

It's pretty stiff but comfortable enough to not cut into your skin. The pressure and brace you get from it makes a whole lot of difference at heavier weights. I have used both the lever and the prong variant, both do their job excellently. For some reason the lever version is a bit softer than my prong belt...could be because I just used it more.

In any case, it gets the job done, and at a great price too. Plus it's IPF approved, if that's a criteria for you. It was/is for me because I compete in the IPF, so that's definitely a bonus point.

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