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Riot Competition Steel Strongman Log

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The Log Press is one of the classic lifts of the Strongman world. Our Riot Steel Log has been carefully designed to replicate competition standards and handle a big press.

Strongman Logs are fantastic for developing strength, coordination and explosiveness and require lifters to use their legs, back, and shoulders as they shift the weight from the ground to an overhead position.

Our Competition Log uses high-quality, 4mm thick steel and has a black powder coating which provides superior grip to a glossy finish. Featuring a 32cm diameter and a 125cm length (loading pins excluded), this is the largest Strongman Log in our range and is not to be underestimated. The frame alone weighs almost 50kg and makes a perfect basis for working on your technique. Olympic sized plates can be loaded on both ends to build up to a bigger weight than you’ll ever need: Due to the dual thick steel plate support for the loading pin we give the log a maximum load rating of 250kg.

The hand holes provide ample room for your forearms and the handles have been appropriately positioned for improved stability and comfort overhead and in the clean. Additionally, the neutral grip of the handles reduces shoulder strain when lifting heavy. 


Total Length: 203cm

Body Length: 125cm

Loadable Sleeve Length: 40cm

Handle Distance (Centre to Centre): 62cm

Handle Diameter: 32mm

Steel Thickness: 4mm

Log Diameter: 32cm

Approx Weight: 47KG

Made according to the classic IFSA log standard specifications

 Note: These logs should NOT be dropped directly on the floor. Use thick mats, safety pads, or tires for dropping.

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