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Sabo Deadlift Pro - Black / Red

€109.99 €92.43
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Sabo Deadlift Pro - Black / Red
Sabo Deadlift Pro - Black / Red

Recommended for Deadlifting, but also suitable for Fitness, Bodybuilding and General Training.

Main features
● All the shoes of the PRO Series have a small heel drop. This innovation allows for a cambered heel design so that when the lifter’s weight is added to the shoe the heel flattens, which distributes the weight more evenly over a wider surface area. This provides a more planted feeling and a better heel drive.

● Shoes created especially for deadlifting

● Brand new developed shoe last. The shoe lasts have a natural anatomical shape and rounded internal heel bottom that securely envelopes the heel.

● Very naturally designed shoe last and outsole, designed very close to each other. This helps direct transmission of the weight from the body to the ground.

● New approach to traditional deadlift shoes

● New outsole with several innovative solutions

● New upper construction for an even tighter hold

● New metatarsal strap that fixes the foot

● Modern breathable materials for better comfort. Designed with high quality materials optimal for hard training sessions.

● Optimal low foot positioning to let the barbell make less way while lifting

● A thin, removable insole supports the arch and provides a cover over the seams of the bottom sole.

● The proper shoe last makes the inner shape of the shoe comfortable and positions the foot correct.

● The new outsole that provides great support, stability and control.

● This shoe provides maximum stability for the ankle.

● The soles are made from materials that do not have any give, which results in a good surface to push against. The pattern on the outsole minimizes slipping.

SABO Deadlift is a best selling model of shoes for powerlifting.
The specialized shoe for deadlifting, SABO Deadlift is a professional and important part of your equipment.

Recommendations for care
● Recommended operating conditions - air temperature from +10 to +25 Centigrade

● Care - Remove dirt with a soft brush, special care liquids

The shoe size runs small so we recommend buying one size up.

Sizing Chart

Sole length (mm) / EU size:

235 / 38
240 / 38,5
245 / 39
250 / 40
255 / 41
260 / 41,5
265 / 42
270 / 43
275 / 44
280 / 44,5
285 / 45
290 / 46,5
295 / 47
300 / 47,5
305 / 48

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