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  1. Nose Tork

    Regular Price: €11.99

    Special Price €9.99

    "Like a punch in the face" "Drive a drill through your nose in your brain shouting LIFT THAT ******* THING!" Lift like you mean it. To get that extra edge, the extra kick, the focus, the adrenaline - the extra strength. Used by powerlifters, weightlifters, strongmen/women in the final stage of getting hyped up to a lift and ready for a big lift. - Open the seal carefully and away your face - Try the ammonia out with care, with good distance first till you find your level - Screw the lid back on straight after use to preserve the salt strength and longevity Store between 8 and 20 degrees Celsius. Be careful, these are VERY potent. USE WITH GREAT CARE! Please note - the ammonia can seep out of the tubs sometimes, this is nothing to worry about and is essential that the tubs are made like this to stop excess pressure building up in them. Please consider this when choosing the location to store them, and also store upright at all times. Learn More
  2. Barbell Life Gym Bag - Intro Price

    Living the barbell life to the fullest. Finally a place to store all your gym kit with our lightweight drawstring bag. Dimensions: Length: - 48 cm Width: - 34 cm Learn More
  3.  2032 Strengthshop bar with 32mm shaft

    Regular Price: €169.99

    Special Price €149.99

    The powerlifting standard for shaft thickness is 29mm and weightlifting bars 28mm, but sometimes a thicker diameter shaft barbell comes useful in general gym training. The thicker 32mm shaft feels better in pressing and for many athletes in squatting too, and for pulling exercises the 3-4mm difference in thickness will hammer your grip strength. Comes with smooth chrome sleeves and a black zinc coated shaft. Weight: 20kg Shaft length: 1310mm Shaft thickness: 32mm Loadable sleeve length: 400mm Sleeve thickness: 50mm With centre knurling Ideal for: General training, pressing and squatting, extra challenge on your grip with pulling excercises Rated to: 280kg Learn More
  4. Dark Green Lever Belt, 13mm, IPF Approved, Steel Buckle

    Regular Price: €93.99

    Special Price €79.99

    Now comes standard with steel Riot Lever Buckle, which has a lifetime warranty. This black Lever Belt is perfect for weight lifting and powerlifting. It is 13 mm thick and 10 cm wide. These belts are made to IPF spec and can be used at IPF competitions. RIOT STEEL BUCKLE The Riot steel buckle is indestructible in even the heaviest use. Many of our customers use the steel buckle with 400kg+ deadlifts and squats and it has gone through extensive testing. This is why we are happy to offer a lifetime performance warranty for it! Sizing guide: XS: 60 - 76 cm S: 73 - 89 cm M: 86 - 99 cm L: 96 - 109 cm XL: 102 - 114 cm XXL: 109 - 119 cm Learn More
  5. Olympic Cambered Spider Bar

    Regular Price: €249.99

    Special Price €219.99

    The Strength Shop Cambered Spider Bar combines our Safety Squat Bar and Cambered Bar into one, with extra long handles. It is a great way to add variation to your Squat training, and works great with box squats. The handles take the strain off your shoulders making this a great option if you have a shoulder injury. The Spider Bar will primarily build your lower body, but it is worth noticing you must engage your upper back much more using this bar compared to regular Safety Bar Squats (and ordinary barbell squats). Black powder coat finish. The handles are attached to the bar by hammering securing pins in place which is much more stable than a screw in handle. Specification: Bar Weight - 32kg Max Load Rating - 400kg Total length - 201cm Length of rackable section - 140cm Tube diameter - 50mm Handle diameter - 25mm Handle length - 76cm *Please see photos on a guide on how to assemble the bar: - Once you open the box you will see the main frame of the bar, 2 x handles, 3 x pads, 2 x securing pins - The handles are labelled A & B which should match up to the frame as per photo - The securing pin has a tapered edge, this is the edge that should be hammered in first - Place the shoulder pads on the handles first - Hammer the securing in through the hole on the main frame into the handle to secure them in place (please note this may take some force) - Once this is done, slide the pad up and it is ready to use Under no circumstances should this bar be dropped. It should be used on the back at all times, and is not designed to withstand repeated impact on the ground. Learn More
  6. Strength Shop Olympic Super Strong TPR Collars, Red

    Regular Price: €19.99

    Special Price €14.99

    Strength Shop Olympic TPR Collars, very easy to use collars, lock very simply, securely and quickly. These Collars are coated in TPR, they grip the sleeve much better than a traditional spring collar, keeping the weights securely in place! Price is for a pair of (2) collars. Learn More
  7. Strengthshop Training Shorts - Camo

    Regular Price: €22.99

    Special Price €16.99

    Strength Shop Training Shorts, in black with camo, and the Strength Shop logo printed on the side. Great loose fitting shorts with elasticated waist, ideal for training in. Size guideline (Waist measurement) M: 61 - 76 cm L: 76 - 91 cm XL: 91 - 102 cm XXL: 102 - 112 cm Learn More

    Regular Price: €9.99

    Special Price €6.99

    The Strength Shop Hercules Massage Mobility Ball is 12.5cm diameter, bigger than a lacrosse ball, and great for relieving tightness in your muscles. It is made from EVA material, and is great to use against a wall or on the floor. Being smaller than a foam roller, it can get those hard to reach places that you can sometimes struggle to hit with a roller. The grid texture on the surface helps to further get into the muscle to relieve the tension. A great piece of kit for anyone who is serious about recovery! Learn More
  9. Technique 5kg Bar & 2.5kg Plate Package

    Regular Price: €226.96

    Special Price €169.99

    This package includes: 1 x Aluminium Technique Bar, 5 kg 1 x Pair of Air Technique Plates, 2,5 kg (additional plates can be selected from the dropdown menu) 1 x Pair of Spring Collars Barbell Specifications: - aluminium technique bar, ideal for beginners and children - weight: 5 kg - length: 2010 mm - shaft diameter: 25 mm - sleeve diameter: 50 mm - rated to 20 kg Plate Specification: - Ideal for beginners and anyone wanting to train with full sized plates at lighter weights - full sized plastic technique plates - weight: 2.5 kg - colour: red Please note 2.5kg Air Technique Plate The plates should never be used in combination with other plates as it could cause damage. The plates should only be used on 5-10kg Junior/Technique bars and never dropped from height. They are solely for technique work. Learn More
  10. Single Rehband Old Style 7051 Blue Line 7mm Knee Support Sleeve - IPF Approved

    Regular Price: €33.99

    Special Price €24.99

    Blue Line 7mm Knee Support 7051 - IPF Approved 7mm thick neoprene knee brace. Strong compression. Designed for stabilization during mobility. Indications: Strains Soft tissue overload Inflammatory conditions Activity induced knee pain General instability/laxity Prevention/feeling of safety Wear-and-tear injuries CODE: 7051 LINE: Blue Line MATERIAL: Neoprene To get your size, please measure the knee mid patella with the leg straight. PLEASE NOTE - THESE ARE SOLD AS SINGLE SLEEVES, NOT PAIRS. They are available to purchase from any European country, but we do not ship these outwith Europe. Hand wash only. Learn More
  11. Riot Power Cage, 3mm Steel, 75x75mm box sections

    Regular Price: €829.99

    Special Price €749.99

    We are proud to introduce the Strengthshop Riot Power Cage. A beast of a cage, this new model will serve you well in commercial and home settings alike. The versatile and feature-rich cage is ideal for all types of strength training. Specifications: Depth: 141 cm Width without band pegs: 120 cm Width with band pegs: 163 cm Height: 210 cm (without pull up station, or with it flipped upside down: 207 cm) Gross weight: 180 kg Tube Size: 75 x 75 mm Diameter holes: 25 mm Space between holes: 50 mm Rated to 600 kg The cage comes packed with the following features and ad ons: - Strong 75 x 75 mm tube size - Flat tube spotter arms - Includes one pair of J-hooks with deep and secure bar holder with easily adjustable and wide ranging heights - Also includes a pair of bar holders with a lower clear off, for an easier lift off for instance low bar squat position - Additional J-hook in the end of the spotter arms for rows etc. outside the cage - Pullup station with numerous different angled grips - 50 mm thick bar parallel pullup station in the back of the cage with two grip widths - Adjustable dip handles - Four band pegs with clips, holes for band pegs both on top and bottom - Two barbell upright holders (width is for normal olympic size barbells) - Bottom side cross sections raised off the floor allowing wide stance squats or sumo pulls in the cage - Possibility to bolt it to the floor for extra stability - Menacing black mat finish Learn More
  12. Wooden Gymnastic Rings, 32 mm, 1 Pair

    Regular Price: €44.99

    Special Price €29.99

    Wooden gymnastic rings are favoured by athletes who seek a better grip, light feeling rings and reliable strength. Adjustable straps included. Thickness of ring: 32mm Width of strap: 25 mm pN strength: 1000 dN Swedish quick-clamp Strength: 650 dN Maximum length of strap: 250 cm Learn More
  13. Rubber Coated Plate Set 120kg

    Regular Price: €339.99

    Special Price €229.99

    Full size 45 cm olympic plate width, for 50 mm barbell loading pins, weightlifting colours. The set contains the following weights: 2 x 15 kg (38 cm diameter) 2 x 20 kg (45 cm diameter) 2 x 25 kg (45 cm diameter) Learn More
  14. B-WARE Strengthshop 13 Inch Steel Log

    Regular Price: €299.99

    Special Price €169.99

    B-WARE! This log is new and unused, although due to a manufacturing defect the log frame at the handles comes up higher than normal making these logs dig into the forearms making it uncomfortable to use. Please see photos of handle issue. NO WARRANTIES/RETURNS/EXCHANGES WITH SECONDS/B-GRADE ITEMS/EX-DISPLAY Strength Shop steel logs, an essential piece of kit for gyms of all kinds everywhere. Available in both 8 inch/205mm diameter 15kg, and 13 inch/323mm diameter 20kg options, they are perfect for a diverse range of athletes and abilities. 32mm diameter knurled handles. 310mm 48mm sleeves suitable for Olympic plates. Learn More
  15. Riot Hardcore Bench Rack with full length safety catchers - B-Ware

    Regular Price: €649.99

    Special Price €499.99

    PLEASE NOTE: B-ware: Light signs of use, as good as new. For lifters who value capacity, stability, safety and versatility the most, Riot Bench Rack is hard to beat. With 75 x 75 mm 3 mm steel uprights, over 100kg overall weight and full length safeties this bench rack is a beast that can take up to world class bench weights and training volume. Key features: - 75 x 75 mm 3 mm steel - Full length safety catchers - Versatile design for bar holder and safety catcher heights - Two tier band peg positions - 4 band pins included - Bench Pad width 29cm tapering down to about 22cm on the top - Numbered uprights and band pin holes Recommended max weight: 600kg (incl. athlete) Dimensions Height x width x depth: 1370mm x 1380mm x 1250mm Floor footprint: 1.8m² Range of the bar holder height: from 560mm to 1160mm Lowest safety catcher height: 600mm Bench height: 500mm Product weight: 107kg Learn More

    Regular Price: €69.99

    Special Price €52.49

    Strength Shop Hercules Weightlifting Shoes, excellent quality at an affordable price. Primarily used for Olympic Weightlifting, they are also used by Powerlifters and Strength Athletes for Squats . They have a 37 mm heel rise which allows for a more upright squat position and more depth. The solid wooden midsole means more force is transfered from lifter to floor and the weight is evenly distributed under the shoe. If you have ever squatted in a pair of running shoes you will know how the cushioned heel compresses and moves under the load which isnt going to win you any PBs. The solid heel removes the soft squashy air bubble and means that when you press out of the hole all you energy goes into moving the bar. They are also excellent for overhead pressing events and Strongman (log, axle, etc). Their solid heel and flat sole provide a solid base to press from. Specifications: Specifications: Heel height - 37mm Mid-sole material - wood Upper material - PU leather Sole - rubber Sole height at front of shoe - 8mm (approx) Learn More
  17. Long Sleeved Compression Top

    Long Sleeved Compression Top, in black (with white embroidered logo) and red trim. Sizes M - XXL 100 % polyester Learn More
  18. Training Shorts

    Regular Price: €19.99

    Special Price €13.39

    Strengthshop Training Shorts, in black with red, and our logo stitched on the side. Great lightweight shorts with elasticated waist, ideal for training in. Learn More
  19. Short Sleeved Compression Top

    Regular Price: €19.99

    Special Price €9.99

    Strengthshop Short Sleeved Compression Top, in black (with white embroidered logo) and red trim. Material: 100 % polyester Learn More
  20. Wrist Roller without loading pin

    Regular Price: €24.99

    Special Price €12.99

    PLEASE NOTE: PIN AND PLATE ARE NOT INCLUDED! Wrist roller. Great for training forearm strength. Length of handle: 385 mm Diameter of handle: 30 mm Length of rope: 1170 mm Learn More

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20 Item(s)