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  1. Adjustable yoke / training station 2.0 - 60x60mm frame

    Regular Price: €299.99

    Special Price €249.99

    Strengthshop yoke, which doubles as a training station for squatting and benching. Yoke is a staple strongman event, fantastic for building core strength and fitness. This Yoke is very easily adjustable in height and has 50 mm loading pins suitable for Olympic plates. As a training station you can do your squats and pressing out of it too. It comes with catchers/safety bars by default, which you can either squat or bench from, or get additional J-hooks to leave the catchers to act as safety bars. The catchers are easily removable for use as an adjustable yoke. Dimensions: Frame: 2.5 mm steel Upright support: 4 mm steel Uprights: 60 mm x 60 mm Width: ca. 123.5 cm Space between uprights: 110 cm Height: ca. 188 cm Depth: ca.102 cm Weight: ca. 42 kg Lowest pin height: 61 cm Highest pin height: 180.5 cm Length catcher: 35 cm Length loading pins: 29 cm Rated to 300 kg dead weight for both the J-hooks and the catchers. Please note: We recommend using weights on the pins at all times to increase the stability of the base. Bench, bar, plates etc. are not included. Learn More
  2. The Gripper- Liquid Chalk - 250 ml

    Regular Price: €11.99

    Special Price €9.99

    The Gripper - Liquid Chalk - 250 ml Never let go with our improved formula that will enhance your grip while lasting longer. Great way of keeping hands dry during lifting/training. No waste or clouds of dust. 250 ml bottle (Price is for 1 (ONE) bottle. Ideal for when you travel or when your gym does not allow chalk. * Please shake very well for 60 seconds before use to ensure the liquid chalk is full mixed and ready for application * Learn More
  3. Olympic Webbing Loading Pin, 45 cm

    Regular Price: €19.99

    Special Price €16.99

    Webbing loading pin to hold 50mm Olympic plates as an easy to use and light to transport alternative to steel loading pins. Made from strong webbing material to withstand everything up to belt squat loads. A loading pin is handy for a variety of excercises, and can be attached to dip/pull up belts, variety of grip tools like rolling handles, cable work and so on. Loading pin length: 45 cm For 50mm plates Strong webbing material. Learn More
  4. Reactive Medicine/Wall Ball Set - 3, 6, 9 kg

    Regular Price: €104.99

    Special Price €79.99

    Strengthshop Reactive Medicine/Wall Balls are a great tool for improving strength, explosive power, conditioning, and coordination. Unlike traditional medicine balls, they are tough, durable, easy to grip, and have good bounce which can be customized by inflating or deflating. Well suited to a variety of applications including slams, wall tosses, partner work, rehab exercises and more, our Reactive Medicine/Wall Balls are a valuable addition to any training arsenal. Circumference: 3 kg: 21.5cm 6 kg: 23 cm 9 kg: 27.5 cm Learn More
  5. Slam Ball/D-Ball Set, 3 kg, 6 kg, 9 kg

    Regular Price: €77.97

    Special Price €59.99

    3kg, 6kg, & 9kg Slam Ball Set (1 of each) Medicine/Slam balls are a great tool for all kinds of training. Often used for rehabilitation and strength training, it serves an important role in the field of sports medicine. Medicine/Slam balls are used effectively in plyometric weight training to increase explosive power in athletes in all sports. Learn More
  6. Strength Shop Hip Rotation Band - 40.5 cm

    Regular Price: €18.99

    Special Price €13.99

    Strength Shop Hip Rotation Band - 40.5 cm Used to warm-up & activate hip/glute muscles. Wear round your knees and squat or walk to get your hips opened up for training! Great to train yourself to keep your knees out for Squat / Sumo Deadlift. Learn More
  7. Training Bag Set - 5, 10, 15 kg

    Regular Price: €112.97

    Special Price €89.99

    Please note: colours may not be exactly as pictured Training bag set of: 5, 10, 15 kg Cylindrical shaped weighted bag with handles. Great for conditioning and fitness. Used widely in functional fitness, bootcamp, MMA. Approx Dimensions 56cm Length 22cm Diameter Learn More
  8. Strength Shop Hip Rotation Band - 35.5 cm

    Regular Price: €16.99

    Special Price €9.99

    Strength Shop Hip Rotation Band - 35.5 cm Used to warm-up & activate hip/glute muscles. Wear round your knees and squat or walk to get your hips opened up for training! Great to train yourself to keep your knees out for Squat / Sumo Deadlift. Learn More
  9. Webbing Deadlift Belt / Back Support

    Regular Price: €29.99

    Special Price €19.99

    Strengthshop Webbing Belt/Back Support. Ideal when you are looking for good support but comfort at the same time. Especially for deadlifting, where other, stiffer belts, can dig in somewhat in the bottom position. Offers great support and ease of use for all kinds of lifting/training. Width: 10 cm (all the way round) Colour: black/red Learn More
  10. Chain Set, 2 x 5 kg and 2 x 20 kg

    Regular Price: €224.49

    Special Price €169.99

    Chains are great for adding weight to lifts gradually during the range of motion, and breaking through sticking points. This set contains: 2 x 20 kg Chrome Chains Length each: ca. 1.5 m Dimensions of one chain link: 14cm x 8.5cm x 2.5cm (diameter) 2 x 5 kg Chrome Chains Length each: ca. 1.5 m Dimensions of chain link: 6cm x 4cm x 1.2cm (diameter) Collars included Learn More
  11. Strengthshop Nemesis Bar - with Centre Knurling - Blue

    Regular Price: €299.99

    Special Price €199.99

    Introducing the Strength Shop Nemesis Bar - our second coloured barbell we have added to the range! The blue fortified resin shaft brings this bar to life! This bar is a great multi function hybrid bar which is suitable for powerlifting, weightlifting, and functional training. The Nemesis Bar combines many features from each type of bar and brings them into one. Each sleeve in these bars consist of one needle bearing, two ball bearings, and one brass bushing. Lightly grooved sleeves. Blue fortified resin shaft, with black fluoride sleeves, making this bar not only a treat to look at, but also to use. Quite a 'flexy' shaft, sharp knurling, and great free spinning sleeves. Weight: 20kg Length: 2.2m Shaft: Sprung Steel Shaft Diameter: 28mm Distance Between Rings: 810mm and 910mm Centre Knurling: Yes Knurling Type: Medium Sleeve Type: Needle Bearings, Brass Bushings & Ball Bearings Max Load/Rating: 1500lbs static rating, 205K PSI Tensile strength. Max suggested load - 120kg for Clean & Jerk / Snatch, 250kg for Squat/Deadlift Warranty: 3 Year Performance Warranty Learn More
  12. Strengthshop Orange Solid Peanut - Massage Tool

    Regular Price: €14.99

    Special Price €8.99

    Strength Shop Solid Peanut Massage tool, shaped to target spinal erectors. Unlike our original peanut, this is made from the same material as lacrosse balls (silicone), for a much firmer massage tool. Great for targeting muscle knots, and any 'problem areas', and working on them yourself. Balls are 64mm diameter Learn More
  13. Riot Bumper Plate, 25 kg

    Regular Price: €79.99

    Special Price €59.99

    We have recently developed a new compound for bumper plates, making a slightly 'softer' bumper. Still as sturdy as our core range, the different compound reduces impact/noise slightly when dropping. Now with a 10-year guarantee against splitting/cracking of the plates. 51 mm hole. Diameter: 450 mm Width: 104 mm Weight: 25 kg Learn More
  14. Bench Press Wooden Boards, Set of 3 - CLEARANCE PRICE

    Regular Price: €73.99

    Special Price €49.99

    Set of three Boards/Paddles, in three standard thicknesses, for board pressing. Partial movement and specific range of motion training is an essential part of varied bench press training. Board presses have multiple training purposes, for instance: - Getting your body used to higher loads with a partial press before being able to do it for the full range - Targetting a specific range of motion, or a sticking point, with paused bench or touch-and-go - Helping during recovery from an injury, when range of motion should be limited - Equipped bench press load training - Isolating triceps while lessening the load on shoulder or pectorial muscles - Higher rep drop sets, reducing the range of motion during the set High quality finish, and as sturdy as they come, these will last you a lifetime! Length: 45 cm Width: 10 cm Thickness: 40 mm, 80 mm and 120 mm Learn More
  15. Single Rehband Old Style 7051 Blue Line 7mm Knee Support Sleeve - IPF Approved

    Regular Price: €33.99

    Special Price €24.99

    Blue Line 7mm Knee Support 7051 - IPF Approved 7mm thick neoprene knee brace. Strong compression. Designed for stabilization during mobility. Indications: Strains Soft tissue overload Inflammatory conditions Activity induced knee pain General instability/laxity Prevention/feeling of safety Wear-and-tear injuries CODE: 7051 LINE: Blue Line MATERIAL: Neoprene To get your size, please measure the knee mid patella with the leg straight. PLEASE NOTE - THESE ARE SOLD AS SINGLE SLEEVES, NOT PAIRS. They are available to purchase from any European country, but we do not ship these outwith Europe. Hand wash only. Learn More
  16. B-Ware Olympic Swiss Bar, 10 kg

    Regular Price: €129.99

    Special Price €89.99

    Please Note: B-Ware - Ex-display model. Otherwise in like new condition. The Strengthshop Swiss bar, provides the facility to work with a completely neutral grip and three different grip widths for a variety of pressing and rowing exercises. Ideal for those with shoulder problems and anyone looking to add some variety into their training. Suitable for a variety of lifts, including: Bench press Tricep extensions Hammer curls Bent Over Rows Weight: 10 kg Length: 2100 mm Rated to: 200 kg (static weight) 400 mm sleeves Diameter loading pin: 50 mm Handle spacing: 160 mm/360 mm/560 mm Handle diameter: 31 mm 1300 mm collar to collar Learn More
  17. B Ware Junior Weightlifting Bar, 10 kg, spring steel shaft, brass bushings

    Regular Price: €149.99

    Special Price €79.99

    Please note: B ware, display model, good condition Strengthshop 10 kg junior weightlifting bar with brass bushings in the sleeves. This bar is the perfect bar for young lifters and beginners to train with. It is similar to a full size bar in that it has knurling, brass bushings and a sprung steel shaft but is slightly shorter, thinner and lighter making it more manageable, especially for those with smaller hands. No centre knurling Spring steel shaft with markings/rings Weight: 10 kg Total length: 170 cm Sleeve length: 20 cm Diameter shaft: 25 mm Load rating: 85 kg Learn More
  18. B Ware Vertical Plate Storage on Wheels

    Regular Price: €119.99

    Special Price €59.99

    Please note: B ware, got some scratches during the transport Convenient plate storage option for gyms and boxes. Wheels make moving plates around a breeze. Height: 107 cm Width: 53 cm Weight: 10 kg Please note: while the loading pins are 50mm the coat of paint adds a fraction of mm on the thickness and this is good for normal plates such as bumper plates, cast iron plates, steel plates, but can be tight for "competition style" plates which have a fraction of mm smaller hole. Learn More
  19. B Ware Set 8 x 1.25 kg olympic steel plate, Chrome

    Regular Price: €79.92

    Special Price €49.99

    Please note: B ware set, was used in a competition, good condition. 8 x 1.25 kg Fractional Steel Plate Weight per plate: 1.25 kg Diameter: 148 mm Thickness: 12 mm Hole: 51 mm Plate weight accuracy: High (+/- 1% tolerance of stated weight) Learn More
  20. B-WARE Four Corner Plate Rack Tree

    Regular Price: €219.99

    Special Price €149.99

    PLEASE NOTE: B ware, some minor cosmetic damage Efficient plate storage for commercial and home training environments. Four uprights with two plate pins each, plus one on top. Height: 125 cm Width: 107 cm Distance between plate sleeves: 52cm Plate sleeve length: 12cm Weight: 35 kg Note: Plates are not included, photo for illustration purposes only Learn More

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