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Deadlift Slippers, 1 pair, IPF legal

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Deadlift Slippers, 1 pair, IPF legal
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Rubberized bottom, Terry-cloth top and inside for comfort. IPF Legal.

Get low to the ground for that big deadlift.

2mm Rubber Sole
Get as close to the floor as you can with this grippy 2mm rubber sole.

Unlike lifting barefoot or in your socks, the rubberised sole provides a good grip on the platform. This offers a good connection to pull from while offering protection from whatever nasty stuff you might pick up off the gym floor!

Increased efficiency of movement
By eliminating the height deficit and the spongy soles of normal shoes, slippers provide a stable base and mechanical advantage for your deadlift. This increased efficiency of movement translates directly to better pulls and heavier weights!

Thin, breathable upper
The slippers feature a soft and breathable terrycloth upper, allowing for natural foot mechanics and toe spread, and is very comfortable to wear

3 sizes available
Suitable for shoe sizes 35 to 47

Perfect for the platform
Our slippers are IPF legal, and designed specifically for powerlifting competitions and any deadlift training.

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