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Red Riot Bumper Plate 25 kg

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Red Riot Bumper Plate 25 kg

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25kg coloured bumper plate in red. Price is for one plate.

Colours in line with IWF regulations.

We have recently developed a new compound for bumper plates, making a slightly 'softer' bumper. Still as sturdy as our core range, the different compound reduces impact/noise slightly when dropping.

51 mm hole.

Diameter: 450 mm
Width: 104 mm
Weight: 25 kg

Now with a 10-year guarantee against splitting/cracking of the plates.


All colours are in line with IWF regulations.

Price is for one plate.

For the warranty on our bumper plates please see our general terms and conditions.

Please note:

Our bumper plates are shipped with a protective layer of an oily substance, plastic wrapping and a cardboard box to preserve the quality of the bumper when stored and shipped. So they may have a strong rubber smell initially. The rubber smell will dissapate over time, especially when used. In a well aired gym this is just a matter of days. To speed up the process please wipe the bumpers with a soapy solution and store them in an area with good ventilation.