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Klokov Olympic Weightlifting Bumper Plates - 10KG Pair

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Klokov Olympic Weightlifting Bumper Plates - 10KG Pair
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Olympic Weightlifting Bumper Plates, 10 kg, Green.

Old school looks and new school technology.

A great barbell demands its equal in bumper plates. Designed to match the functional and aesthetic quality set by our signature line of Olympic barbells, these bumper plates are engineered to withstand a lifetime of heavy use. They will look like new for longer, provide a demanding grip, and stand out in any gym or competition platform.

Product Highlights

Precision: ​Meets all IWF weight and dimension specifications to feel and perform to the standards expected on a competition platform.

Strength: ​Guaranteed to resist rust and loosening over time by using a co-molded, galvanized steel core secured by a 5 binding bolt locking system.

Resilience: ​Designed with a blend of custom textured & semi-gloss surfaces to prevent discoloration of the rubber, and finished with a sandblasted texture to resist damage to the steel collar.

Power: ​Molded with a custom grip channel and rounded edges to offer a powerful grip.

Qualified for Competition
● Meets all IWF color, dimension and weight requirements for elite level competition
● Guaranteed weight tolerance of +/- 0.1 – 0.05%
● 10kg: Green
● 15kg: Yellow
● 20kg: Blue
● 25kg: Red
● 30kg: Black

Revolutionary Design
● Rounded outer edge maximizes ability to pick bumpers up from a flat surface
● Custom inner grip channel provides a secure pinch grip for carrying
● Semi-gloss finish provides a smooth surface that resists dirt buildup and allows plates to slide easily
● Sandblasted finish and zinc coating reduce the appearance of scratches and normal wear and tear on the metal core

Reinforced Core
● Co-molded grade 45 steel with binding barrel bolt locking system
● Grade 5 zinc plated steel binding bolts secured with permanent thread-lock adhesive Guaranteed Quality
● In addition to the robust steel core design, our rubber is rated a 92 on Shore A Durometer Scale to minimize bounce, absorb shock, and pass the industry standard 30,000 drop test. By combining our innovative design concepts, best materials on the market, and industry leading quality control procedures, we’ve ensured that our bumpers won’t loosen, crack, chip, or fade over time

○ Meets all IWF weight and dimension specifications
○ Guaranteed weight tolerance of +/- 0.1 – 0.05%
○ Made of molded high density virgin rubber
○ Finish: Semi-Gloss
○ Collar Opening: 50.5mm – 51mm
○ Diameter: 450mm (17.72″)
○ Color coded by Olympic Weightlifting specifications
○ 10kg: Green/31mm thick (1.22″)
○ 15kg: Yellow/41mm thick (1.61″)
○ 20kg: Blue/53.5mm thick (2.11″)
○ 25kg: Red/67mm thick (2.64″) ○ 30kg: Black/73mm thick (2.87”)

To protect the color and shine of the rubber clean with mild soap and water and dry immediately.

If needed, apply a thin coat of 3-in-One Lock Dry Lube to the sandblasted core, lightly scrub away debris, and remove any remaining oil with a lint free rag.

*Do not use chemicals containing ammonia, bleach or acid to clean any components of your bumpers.

Your bumpers will last a lifetime if they are stored in a dry environment off of the floor.