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Functional Training

Borne out of gymnastics, weightlifting, powerlifting and various endurance sports, functional training systems are growing fast in popularity. More and more gyms are being set up across the world, and many people follow the programmes and "Workout of the day", WODs, at home too.

Strengthshop offers a lot of the equipment useful in both WODs, and the additional training such as Olympic Weightlifting and powerlifting. We offer a wide range of kettlebells, and also kettlebell package deals ideal for home gyms.

We offer prowlers, gymnastic rings and various strongman equipments. For weightlifting we offer our affordable but high quality weightlifting barbell, and bumper plates, both all black and standard colour bumber plates.

The occasional niggle and pain should not prevent training sessions and for that we have wrist wraps (supple enough for functional training) and neoprene elbow sleeves and neoprene knee sleeves.

On this page you will find just examples of the type of useful stuff we stock for functional training. Please see the more detailed lists under different categories.

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  1. Chalk Ball Set of 5
    Chalk Ball Set of 5
    €17.45 €15.04
    Special Price €499.99 €431.03 Regular Price €849.99
    Out of stock
  3. Dumbbell Farmers Hooks (Pair)
    Dumbbell Farmers Hooks (Pair)
    Special Price €59.99 €51.72 Regular Price €69.99
  4. Rubber Lifting Grips
    Rubber Lifting Grips
    €16.99 €14.65
  5. Gymnastic Grips
    Gymnastic Grips
    €14.99 €12.92
    Out of stock
  6. Pull-Up Grips
    Pull-Up Grips
    €29.99 €25.85
  7. Chalk Ball - 56G
    Chalk Ball - 56G
    €3.99 €3.44
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Items 1-50 of 80

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