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Double Prong Buckle Belt with Grip, 13 mm, IPF Approved from 1.1.2019

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Double Prong Buckle Belt with Grip, 13 mm, IPF Approved from 1.1.2019

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This black double prong buckle belt is perfect for weight lifting and powerlifting.
It is 13 mm thick and 10 cm wide.

New improved design featuring a finger grip, making it easier tighten and close your belt.

These belts are fantastic quality. They are made from artificial leather and give excellent support when lifting. Slightly more supple than standard leather belts, they mould to the contours of the back/body whilst providing unsurpassed support and protection to the back when training/lifting.

Independent customer rating:

"I`ll definitely buy my next belt from you. I have been a Strengthshop customer for some time and have never been disappointed. My current belt is the blue double prong and it`s great. I used to have to use two diffferent belts for deadlifting and squatting/benching, but this one is perfect for all three lifts!"

Sizing guide:

S: 61 - 71 cm
M: 71 - 86 cm
L: 76 - 97 cm
XL: 86 - 107 cm
XXL: 97 - 117 cm

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Strength Shop 13mm Double Prong Buckle Powerlifting belt. These belts are made to powerlifting spec, and are fantastic quality. They are offered at a great price in comparison to equivalent belts from other suppliers, and are an essential piece of kit in the gym.