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Super Heavy Ballista, M - XL - for bench and other pressing assistance

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Super Heavy Ballista, M - XL - for bench and other pressing assistance
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The Strength Shop Super Heavy Ballista is an aid to bench pressing, helping to keep the elbows tucked, and the lats tight. Creates a line similar to that which would be followed in a bench shirt, and gives 'spring' off the chest to aid the press, and also overload the triceps and the lockout part of the movement.

These are made from the super heavy material, which is extremely stiff (more so than our heavy material), and gives a good amount of 're-bound' off the chest. They come with a 1-year warranty against splitting/defective workmanship (see T&C's for full details).

Independent review - "Bought this [...] Ballista as I wanted a new toy and have always wanted to try it out! I bought a medium but it couldn't fit over my forearms so I sent it back for exchange to a large and now it fits perfectly! Excellent customer service and quick dispatch and delivery so thanks guys!
Hit some bench today and I reached a new pb with this ballista of 160kg X 1 rep! This is 20kg over my current 1RM... Pretty impressive! I recommend this to anyone wanting to get strong." - Rob


Length: 63 cm
Circumference : 28 cm - 36 cm (measuring round bicep)

Length: 70 cm
Circumference : 34 cm - 42 cm (measuring round bicep)

Length: 72 cm
Circumference : 38 cm - 50 cm (measuring round bicep)

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Strengthshop Super Heavy Ballista.