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Power Cage - Matte Black

Power Cage - Matte Black
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An excellent power cage, a safe and suitable environment for squatting, benching, and other lifts. Unlike many other cages in this price range, our cage comes with band hooks at both the top and the bottom of the cage, as well as dipping handles, and a pull up/chin up attachment across the top of the cage. Bar holders at both the front and back of the cage, giving ease of use whatever you are doing.

Small increments means a very versatile range of height options for both the safety bars and the bar holders.

PLEASE NOTE: Lat Pulldown attachment and the webbing safety catchers have to be added in the drop down and is not automatically included.
The pictures show plastic caps for the feet but these have been discontinued and the cage comes with closed steel ends rather than the plastic caps.

Overall footprint (including band pegs) is 1600 x 1500 x 2150 mm (width x depth x height), with a gross weight of approximately 94 kg, and a tube size of 60 mm x 60 mm.

Rated to 400 kg.

Space between front and back uprights is 887mm. The spotter bar is 29 mm diameter.
Space between uprights (length of pull up bar): 107 cm
Centre of hole to centre of hole is 36 mm (or 6/7 mm gap between holes)
Thickness frame: 2 mm

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Please note: The flat bench shown in the picuters no. 14 and 15 does not come with the power cage automatically but has to be ordered separately.

Customer Reviews 7 item(s)

Value for money
Very good power rack for such price. Very easy to assemble (I don't now why some say that the diagram was inaccurate), I have it for a year now.

- (Important) Well built and sturdy
- (Important) Comes with band hooks, safety pins, dip handles, multi-angle pull up bar
- (Important in my opinion) You can buy webbing safety catchers that are more versatile for bench press (you can find the exact height which might be difficult with the metal safety pins)
- (Minor) Now comes with numbered holes (mine didn't have these and I painted them myself)
- (Good) Now you can buy plate sleeve attachment to store plates

- (Minor if used inside) I think the paint coating could be better. Some spots have chipped but I don't care since I use it inside so no fear of rust
- (Minor but maybe important for some) Since the horizontal bottom bars of the rack touch the floor, you can't do sumo deadlift inside the rack. Minor, but good to know if you're tight in space
- (Somewhat important) Bar holders and the optional upgrade j-hooks have no type of protection. That is they are bare metal. This could easily scratch your bar and chip some paint. Bear this in mind in case you have a colored bar
- (Minor) No option to add a vertical barbell storage insert Review by jpr / (Posted on 1/23/2019)
High Quality
Nice rough/sandy feel to the paint. The weldings are solid and the metal is nice and thick. It is extremelly rigid which is all you need to know.
It feels more like a 700€+ Rack Review by Bully / (Posted on 11/23/2018)
I highly recommend this!
We have had this rack in our gym for about 2 years now. It has held up everything very nicely. The paint has started to peel of a bit, but it does not effect the performance. Many big squats and rackpulls have been done and the rack stands strong still. Great product for a very great price! Review by Thomas / (Posted on 3/26/2017)
Great cage !
I'm a beginner in PowerLifting so I haven't tested the PowerCage to its full potential.

Pros :
- Easy to build. I put the absober mat first and did not screwed the powercage but it stable enough. It only wiggle a little when doing dips.
- The pull-up and dips bars are well designed.

- The pin holes aren't numbered, so it can get annoying to switch the safety bars. I'll fix it by painting the numbers.
- The pull-up bar : the welding is at some point poorly made and the knurling not symetrical when there is one.

At this price even with some cons, 3 friends and I really do enjoy the cage.

I recommend StrenghShop and this PowerCage everytime I can. Review by Ced / (Posted on 10/20/2015)
Great product for the price
Everything regarding the rack is stable and well made. the pull-up bar is very good allowing for a multitude of different grips at very good widths.

I guess my only complaint would be that the spray paint on the inside of the hollow metal beams leaves some bare metal in certain places. However, I don't even think that fully painting the beams on the inside through the holes was something that was aimed for during manufacturing. We keep the rack outside under a small roof and in heavy rain and wind it does get some water on it, which means that we have some minor rust, but that's sort of expected, since it's not made for outside use.

To summarize, my only complaint can be completely ignored and I've only got good things to say about it. Review by Edvard / (Posted on 3/25/2014)
equipment at the top
I will take the comments OLW above and add that for me the assembly was easy and no problem with the bolts.

indeed, the safety bars resist them has heavy loads without bending?

this is a very good power cage, very well equipped, with a capacity of settings adjustable safety pins to the desired height.

should add a visible numbering just because the setting is to the eye, and we must take it a 2/3 times sometimes.

the final word: I am very satisfied as to the quality of the material, the speed of delivery to France, but also excellent customer contact.

thank you to the team. Review by cyril / (Posted on 10/30/2013)
Solid, functional, good value
Overall, I give this rig a 9 out of 10. And thanks for the swift delivery (Berlin - HH in <24h!)

- Excellent value for the money!
- In spite of relatively modest weight and footprint, very solid piece of equipment that is going to last for a long time (may have to replace the main pins though, see cons below)
- Plenty of pins for bands
- Well-integrated multi-grip pull-up bar;
- Heavy duty dip handles, for those so inclined.

- A few minor issues with assembly (inaccurate diagram, some of the lag bolts a little on the short side, barely make it into the nut thread).

-The safety pins are ok for now, but I wonder how well they'll hold up to repeated rack pulls @200k or more. Have already managed to work one out of the back hole after a few hard drops. It would be great to have an option to lock down / anchor them on the back upright... Review by OLW / (Posted on 4/25/2013)