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Plate Loadable Farmer's Walks - 1 Pair

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Plate Loadable Farmer's Walks - 1 Pair
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These Farmer's Walks can be loaded with as much weight as you like, onto Olympic pins.

Perfect for grip training, and also fitness/conditioning, the Farmer's Walk is one of the most commonly seen events in strongman.

These implements have been carefully designed to offer a Farmer's Walk with pick up around 33 cm, and 32 mm handles. The matt black powder coating offers a solid grip akin to a knurled bar. There are feet on them to reduce the likelihood of injuries to the user's feet.

Each implement weighs approximately 16.5 kg.

Length of the farmer's walks: 125.5 cm
Width (at the cross piece): 30 cm
Handle length: 20 cm

Diameter loading pin: 50 mm


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